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About The Brand

Beer Grains To Brewscuits

Brewscuits are hand-crafted dog biscuits that make use of the whole grain used to brew beer to create a one-of-a-kind treat that your dog is sure to love. Beer is made using oats, barley, & rye. These are the good grains. They are human grade grains which mean they have low gluten components in the grain. 

Brewscuits dog treats made with whole grains, including oats, barley, and rye, offering a nutritious snack option for dogs.
Hand Crafted With Good Grains

Brewscuits® Nutrition


Spent Beer Grain (barley, oats, rye), Flour, Eggs and Flavor: Peanut Butter, Pumpkin or Sweet Potato.

100% All Natural

NO Alcohol, Hops, Corn, Soy, Salt, Sugar, Additives or Preservatives.


We upcycle high quality spent beer grains from different breweries to produce our products.


Feed as a snack as part of a healthy diet and plenty of play with you.

Fulfilling The Cravings Of Countless Furry Friends!

A brew For you & Fido too!®

In the heart of a humble abode, a passionate homebrewer and her loyal dog epitomized the timeless bond of “a man’s best friend.” As spent grains from brewing were collected, a remarkable notion took shape; Brewscuits! This protein and fiber rich biscuit not only satisfies dogs’ taste buds but also promotes sustainability. In the heartwarming journey from humble beginnings to a bustling business, the theme of “A Brew For You And Fido Too” remained a symbol of camaraderie and the unbreakable bond between man and his loyal companions, reminding all that a simple idea, fueled by love, could lead to extraordinary paths.

Brewscuits dog treats made with whole grains, including oats, barley, and rye, offering a nutritious snack option for dogs.
Where The Good Grains Come From

Brewery Partners

Supplied By Breweries

For years, breweries have supplied farms with “spent” beer grains, the ingredients used to produce the beer we all know and love. They use this by-product as a supplemental feed for their livestock, using the hardy feed’s nutritional and digestive elements to bolster the feed profile of their animals. All of this got us thinking – Couldn’t we use these ingredients to benefit our dogs at home? The answer is YES!

Serving Our Nation's Working Dogs

Mission K9 Rescue

We work with Mission K9 Rescue. We send a Welcome to Retirement Package to every dog as they are adopted to either their handler or civilian home. Support the rescue dogs by sending a Partial or Complete Care Package!

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