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The different colored bones come from the all-natural grain and are dependent on the type of beer style that was brewed. For example, a Stout beer will have a much darker grain and thus a darker treat.

There are many advantages to adding pumpkin & sweet potato to your dog,

Supplemental Power: beta-carotene, phosphorous, vitamin C, B-complex & iron. These are are all immune system boosters and help with arthritis/inflammation.

Digestion: Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and have magnesium in them which makes them easy on the digestion system. Also helps with expelling heavy metals and worms.

Cancer: The beta-carotene helps the body fight against free radicals, thus helping prevent cancer.

Sweet potatoes are one of nature’s nearly perfect foods, sweet potatoes are so healthy they should be fed to your dog daily! Health benefits include source of potent antioxidant to aid in healing, cancer prevention, and fighting the effects of aging,Vitamins A, C and B6, contains the minerals manganese, copper, and iron, and an excellent source of dietary fiber.

We use real pumpkin in our bones. Pumpkin is low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Pumpkin is a good source of fiber, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium and beta carotene (a source of vitamin A). Dogs need fiber in their diet. The current trend is towards highly digestible diets that lower stool volume and this is not necessarily a good thing. Keeping the GI tract moving helps keep the cells lining the gut healthy.

The white powder is simply flour from rolling them out and cutting them. Our products are made by hand. Each one is rolled out and cut.

Brewscuits are a natural, hand-crafted dog biscuit made from spent beer grains used during the beer brewing process.

No. The grain is used before fermentation occurs.

Brewscuits are a good source of fiber. They are made with whole grains including barley oats, & rye. They are human grade grains which mean they have low gluten components in the grain. Whole grains are actually a good thing. The natural fiber does not convert to sugar in a flash; it burns slowly and steadily and sustains energy levels and appetites. We use good grains and not bad grains such as crushed corn meal. Corn is filler with no nutritional value.

Brewscuits are hand crafted in the U.S.A.

Brewscuits are all-natural and made using spent beer grains including oats, rye, & barley. These are whole grains which are good for your dog. The natural fiber does not convert to sugar in a flash; it burns slowly and steadily and sustains energy levels and appetites.

Brewscuits ship to all 50 states within the USA.

We have a size for every dog. Brewscuits come in Half Pint (small), Original (three inch), Kegger (Large), & Brew Chips (2 inches in diameter).


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