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We’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining the Brewscuits family as a reseller. Our journey is built on crafting all-natural dog premium biscuits made in the USA from spent beer grains which are upcycled products that use no preservatives. We are excited to share this journey with partners who share our values and love our canine companions as much as we do!

Exclusive Offerings: As a reseller, you'll have access to our exclusive range of Brewscuits treats that not only cater to various preferences and dietary needs, but stand apart from other biscuits on the market.

Marketing Support: We’re here to help you succeed. Benefit from our marketing materials, resources, and guidance to promote Brewscuits effectively.

Profitable Partnership: Our competitive pricing and attractive margins make partnering with Brewscuits a rewarding venture.

Brewscuits dog treats made with whole grains, including oats, barley, and rye, offering a nutritious snack option for dogs.
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Our Story Is One Of Innovation And Commitment.

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One night while brewing beer, we placed our spent beer grains on a table on our porch. Little did we know that our rescue dogs would steal the bags in an attempt to eat the grain. After lots of research, numerous test batches, and multiple testing panels, the first batch of Brewscuits were released. Founded with a mission to create healthier, sustainable treats for our four-legged friends, we’ve turned spent beer grains into a delectable biscuit that dogs love! Our dedication to pets, the environment, and top-notch quality sets us apart. 

Quality and Sustainability: Brewscuits are an all-natural premium dog biscuit made in the USA from upcycled products using no preservatives. They are a perfect blend of premium ingredients and eco-consciousness. By partnering with us, you're offering your customers treats that are not only delicious but also made with care for the planet.

Unique Selling Point: What sets Brewscuits apart is our use of spent beer grains, turning them into wholesome treats that cater to pets' health needs and taste buds.

Strong Brand Reputation: With a growing presence in the pet treat market, Brewscuits is quickly becoming a recognized name known for quality, innovation, and a love for pets.

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