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Chompi Bone Dog Chew


The Chompi Bone is the perfect dog chew to keep your furry friend entertained. Made out of our unique Flexapure® material, the Chompi Bone is safe and gentle, while also being super fun!

The dog chew is designed with two treat pockets through either side of the bone for easy cleaning. Having ribs down the length of the bone also adds a great feature for cleaning their gums without making the gums bleed.

7” long, and can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. Check out our awesome colors, and order yours today!

  • Treat Pockets that go through the bone (easier cleaning)
  • Teething ribs also good for cleaning gums
  • Bigger ends for bigger chewers
  • FlexaPure material (pet safe)
  • Made in New Jersey
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