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Moose Antler

$11.50 – $62.00

Has your dog tried a moose antler? Acadia Antlers  are cruelty free and are cut and sourced in the USA.  Acadia Antlers have no mess or odor, so the dogs stay clean and so does your furniture and rugs! Every dog is different and picking the right size moose antler is important for a great chewing experience.

Taster – $11.50 / Small – $15 / Medium – $25 / Large – $35 / X-Large – $45 / Pacifier – $62

We strongly suggest sizes based on the weight of your dog (and their corresponding jaw strength). If your dog is a non-stop chewer, please move up a size for a longer lasting chew. If you have more than one dog and they share their chews, buy the bigger dog’s size. Smaller dogs can always chew a bigger antler, but it is not safe for a larger dog to chew a smaller antler. It is time to take your dog’s antler away when it is small enough to fit in their mouth, as it may become a choking hazard — and always supervise your pet while chewing.

Small – up to 30 lbs

Medium – up to 40 lbs

Large – up to 50 lbs

X-Large – up to 60 lbs

Pitbull Pacifier – over 60 lbs

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