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Welcome to Original Brewscuits, where there’s a whole bunch of healthy in every bite! Our all-natural dog biscuits are a testament to innovation and eco-friendliness. We use upcycled grains from the beer brewing process, turning barley, oats, and rye into a super-healthy treat for your furry friend!

The magic ingredient here is fiber, which may support digestion and provide essential vitamins and minerals for your beloved pet. Made with love in the USA, these 4-inch dog treats are a promise of quality and care. They’re free from salt, sugar, chemicals, and preservatives – only the good stuff for your furry family member. Our 8 ounce resealable bags lock in the freshness, and if you’re looking for a smaller option, discover our Half Pints. Plus, we offer these wholesome biscuits in three irresistible flavors: Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, and Sweet Potato. Be sure to try them all! Your dog’s taste buds will thank you!

Can’t pick a flavor?! Now you don’t have to. Get one of each flavor in our large size- peanut butter, pumpkin, & sweet potato.

We will pack a peanut butter, pumpkin, & sweet potato.

So what do you if your pup needs to have only certain flavors, just leave us a note when you order and we will pack only the flavors you request.

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